Examenvragen januari 2014

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Examenvragen januari 2014

Bericht  lolzor op di feb 25, 2014 3:39 am

Right/wrong+explain or open question
The German supervisor is responsible for the solvency capital of a Belgian insurer who puts up a branch in Germany.
Give three pillar 1 differences between CRD IV and Solvency II.
You can use an internal model for the MCR.
Liquidity risk is not taken into account when calculating the solvency requirements of Solvency II.
How was the governance of banks inadequate during the financial crisis.
Solvency II requires all accounts in IAS/IFRS.
How can banks deal with attracting capital during these hard times.
The governance functions of Solvency II can be one person.
Gives three specific examples of how an insurance firm can lower its capital in pillar 1.
Banks are required to incorperate ratings of CRA's.


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